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UNIX is an evergreen operating system used around the globe on workstations, servers and mobile devices. UNIX was an essential element for the development of internet and played a vital role in restructuring the standard stand-alone systems to computing networks. Unix is one of the oldest operating systems with many flavours that are still used in more than 80% of servers in the market. Unix is preferred for the security and the performance it offers. All Linux distributions like HP-UX by Hewlett Packard, IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris, and Mac OSX are UNIX based operating systems. Tedious tasks that require many lines of coding in other operating systems like Windows can be easily performed using Unix Shell Scripting.

Who Should Learn Unix Training?

Whether you are a Developer or Tester or Support Engineer or a Project Manager, if you are an IT professional, knowing Unix is important for your career growth, so learn Shell scripting. Whether you work in Big data technologies like Hadoop or emerging industries like Robotic process automation (RPA) or Networking Industry, undertaking Unix Shell Scripting Training has become more essential and it is an added advantage in most of the job interviews. In a Nutshell, Unix is for Everyone!

SHELL Scripting Training in Chennai

A shell script is nothing but a script written for command line interpreter of an operating system. The shell script is referred as simple domain-specific programming language. Shell script performs various operations such as program execution, file manipulation, and printing text. DCL and JCL are the examples of the programming languages that are intended for shell scripting. Like batch files, in shell scripts, the commands are programmed in chains and they are executed as a scripting event by the system. Apart from these, they also help to perform more useful functions like as command substitution. You are allowed to use programming functions like if/then/else statements, ‘for’ loops and so on, with your operating system directly.

Shell scripting is the right method that saves you time if you have a basic familiarity with UNIX® and you are in need to do more work. In a nutshell, the shell script is just a text file containing full of commands. The shell script must be executable. One of the main advantages in using shell script is, it save lots of time. Interpreted language is used to write the shell script. The power for writing the shell script comes from the executing external programs to perform processing tasks. With these, the performance of shell script can be limited. Since, they do not need any additional effort for execution, they are considered as a powerful tool for bootstrapping other kind of technologies. For example, autoconf tool is a chain of shell scripts, which is used for configuring software prior.



  • Understanding the Unix Architecture
  • Understanding the Unix Basics
  • Features of Unix
  • Unix Vs Other Operating Systems
  • Using Putty Tool


  • Terminal Commands
  • Changing Terminal Color and Cursor
  • Displaying a Message
  • Understanding Wildcards
  • Working with Processes
  • Working with Directories in Unix
  • Getting Help using man


  • Understanding Files, Directories and Sub Directories
  • Files & Directories naming convention
  • Creating Files
  • Displaying Files
  • Deleting Files
  • Commands to Managing Files:
    • CP
    • MV
    • WC
    • LP
  • Piping
  • Sorting Files
  • Working with Redirection
  • Input/output Redirection


  • Splitting File Horizontally and Vertically
  • Important File Related Commands:
    • PASTE
    • TEE
    • TR
    • CMP
    • COMM
    • DIFF
    • ALIAS
  • How to Search in Files
  • Compressing and Archiving Files
  • Linking Files
  • Filter related Commands:
    • SORT
    • UNIQ
    • AWK
    • FIND


  • Users and Permissions basics
  • Working with File Permission
  • Working with File Ownerships
  • Understanding Superuser
  • UMASK Command
  • Important Communication Commands in Network
  • Transferring files between Local and Server
  • Copy files from one another server to server


  • Various types of Editors
  • Various modes of the vi editor
  • Basic operations in Editor:
    • Screen Control
    • Navigation
    • Cursor Movement
    • Commands for saving and exit
    • Insert and Delete operation in vi
  • Searching for a pattern
  • Replace/Substitute
  • Joining Lines
  • Copy and Paste
  • Block Copy
  • Move and Delete
  • Special features of vim editor
  • Stream Editor
  • Use of XARGS command


  • Different types of Shells
  • Fundamentals of Shell Scripting
  • Scripting Language vs Programming Language
  • Understanding Environment Variables
  • Understanding Relative and Absolute Paths
  • Writing a Shell script file
  • Executing a Shell script file
  • Understanding Interpolation
  • Types of variables
  • Shell Operators
  • Read variables and Exit status
  • Shell initialization files
  • Common commands used in Shell script:
  • Substitution
  • parameters
  • Quoting characters
  • Shell expansion
  • Aliases


  • Escape and Quoting Mechanism
  • Batch Script vs Shell Script
  • Arrays
  • Shell Function
  • Decision Making Statement
  • Shell Loops
  • Control flow
  • Running jobs in the Background
  • Running jobs in the Foreground
  • Scheduling Job using:
    • AT
    • BATCH
    • CRON
    • NICE
  • Terminate Process Environment Variable
  • Local and Global Variables
  • Positional Parameter


  • Industry sample scripts debugging
  • Debugging the Scripts
  • Compress and archive the files


  • Common Interview Questions
  • Important Sample Shell Script Programs
  • Extracting data from various sources – HTML & XML
  • Connect to Database like Oracle/MySQL
  • Working with SQL Queries within Shell
  • Connect to third party applications like FTP

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