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High Training and Affordable Training Courses by ALCE in JavaScript Training in Chennai! Attend our JavaScript Class of limited batch size to focus on your learning! Enhance your knowledge with us for employability!

What Do You Learn As A JavaScript Developer?

Create existing JavaScript skills. Learn how to code with more efficient and manageable. You will come to know through our practise sessions. Our instructors will clearly illustrate, to teach the core concept and technique. Gain concrete understanding of JavaScript concepts such as Dependency Injection, Objects, Promises, Design Patterns and much more! ALCE makes you familiar with the perspective of modern web application and how to write flexible coding.

JavaScript® is the one and only client-side scripting language available for web designer and developers and we included the language to give the perfect combination of server side and client side for all the students. For server-side language we are covering PHP.

JavaScript Training in Chennai provided by Besant Technologies for the past 5+ years and fully practical oriented syllabus. JavaScript is not Java. Most of the people still confusing the difference between these two languages. Java® is fully programming language but JavaScript® is a complete Scripting language.

JavaScript Training Syllabus

JavaScript Fundamentals

  • Types in JavaScript
  • Truthy vs. Falsey
  • Event Loop & Asynchronous JavaScript - Learn about async programming
  • concepts and why they matter.
  • Object Creation Patterns


  • Anonymous Functions
  • Scoping
  • Function Declarations versus Function Expressions
  • Functions as Data

Functions As Data

  • Software Architecture best practices
  • Loose Coupling & Maintainability
  • Avoid collisions
  • SOLID principles
  • DRY
  • Namespacing
  • IIFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expressions)
  • Closures
  • Modules
  • The module pattern
  • Principles in modularity
  • Interfaces
  • Strict Mode
  • Inheritance in JavaScript
  • Promises
  • Prototypes

Design Patterns & Architecture

  • Dependency Injection
  • MVC vs. MVVM
  • Prototype Pattern
  • Revealing Module Pattern
  • What are design patterns?

Functional Programming

  • Imperative vs. Functional Programming
  • Partial Applications
  • Higher Order Functions
  • Chaining
  • Currying
  • Map/Reduce
  • Function Composition
  • Immutability
  • Mixins
  • Real world recursion

FUnit Testing

  • Testing using Karma
  • Continuous Integration with Travis
  • Test Driven Development
  • Test Frameworks (Jasmine, Mocha, QUnit)
  • E2E Testing using Nightwatch

What Makes ALCE Unique?

  • We make candidates feel unique by providing practical knowledge to our candidates.
  • We offer special key features with more reliable and easy way for learning.
  • Our tutors at ALCE are dedicated to offer comprehensive skill and knowledge for each and every topic.


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  • Fully hands-on training
  • Learn by working on real-time projects
  • Flexible Timings – Weekday, Weekend & Fast-track
  • Certification guidance
  • Interview preparation
  • Tips and discussion to build your technical interview skills
  • Excel your knowledge with Affordable price in ALCE
  • More than 7+ Years of experience in AI Technologies.
  • Trainers are expert level and fully up-to-date in the subjects they teach because they continue to spend time working on real-world industry applications.
  • Trainers have Experienced on multiple real-time AI projects in their Industries.
  • Are working professionals working in multinational companies such as CTS, TCS, HCL Technologies, ZOHO, WIPRO.
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  • Strong Theoretical & Practical Knowledge.
  • Are certified Professionals with High Grade.
  • Are Well connected with Hiring HRs in multinational companies.
We at ALCE believe in giving individual attention to students so that they will be in a position to clarify all the doubts that arise in complex and difficult topics. Therefore, we restrict the size of each Javascript batch to 5 or 6 members at max or else if you need individual Training that also we provide at your flexible timing.
Our courseware is designed to give a hands-on approach to the students in Javascript. The course is made up of theoretical classes that teach the basics of each module followed by high-intensity practical sessions reflecting the current challenges and needs of the industry that will demand the students' time and commitment.
No worries. ALCE assure that no one misses single lectures topics. We will reschedule the classes as per your convenience within the stipulated course duration with all such possibilities. If required you can even attend that topic with any other batches.
ALCE provides many suitable modes of training to the students like
  • Classroom training
  • One to One training
  • Fast track training
  • Customized training
Yes, ALCE provides group discounts for its training programs. To get more details, visit our website and contact our support team via Call, Email, Live Chat option or drop a Quick Enquiry. Depending on the group size, we offer discounts as per the terms and conditions.
We accept all major kinds of payment options. Cash, GPay, Net Banking.
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