Advanced Oracle DBA Training in chennai

Our Advanced Oracle DBA Training in Chennai aims to teach latest complex topics like Oracle RAC, ASM and Dataguard. We are covering all advanced concepts like RAC Training, Data guard Training and ASM Training in these course.Advanced Oracle DBA Training in Chennai.

Why Advanced Oracle DBA?

The Oracle DBA course provides you an in-depth knowledge of the Oracle Database Server Administration. The course gives you an understanding of the Oracle DBA Architecture, memory and process architecture, database structures, security, schema objects, data backup and recovery Every organization is looking for Database High Availability (HA), scalability, Performance and security for all the real time environments mostly banking and financial sectors (OLTP). In this case Oracle® has been introduced the Real application clustering (RAC) in means that the transactional data will be available for any time and there is no users and customers will not impact on any circumstances. If this data is not available in production then organization to lose the business as well as negative publicity in the world

Advanced Oracle DBA Training In Chennai Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to SharePoint 2013 – 3 hours

Oracle 11g R2 Grid Infrastructure Concepts

  • What is a Cluster
  • bGrid Foundation Components
  • Oracle Clusterware Architecture
  • Oracle Clusterware Software and Storage
  • Describe ASM Architecture
  • Creating and Managing ASM Disk Groups
  • Creating and Managing ASM Cluster File systems
  • Administering Oracle Clusterware
  • Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware
  • Grid Infrastructure Installation and Configuration

  • Hardware Requirements
  • Network Requirements
  • Software Requirements
  • DNS and DHCP Configuration
  • Grid Plug and Play Considerations
  • Single Client Access Names
  • Post installation tasks
  • Oracle Automatic Storage Management concepts

  • ASM Instance
  • ASM Disks
  • ASM Disk Groups
  • ASM Redundancy
  • Cluster installation Prerequisite for Oracle 11g R2 RAC

  • Linux OS Software Installation
  • Create OS Group and User Accounts
  • Networking
  • Synchronizing the Time on ALL Nodes
  • Configuring Kernel Parameters
  • Set shell limits for the oracle & grid user
  • Create the Oracle Inventory Directory
  • Creating the Oracle Grid Infrastructure Home Directory
  • Creating the Oracle Base Directory
  • Creating the Oracle RDBMS Home Directory
  • Stage the Oracle Software
  • Check OS Software Requirements
  • Cluster Verification utility
  • Shared Storage Configuration

  • Types of Shared Storage
  • Partition the Shared Disks
  • Installing and Configuring ASMLib
  • Using ASMLib to Mark the Shared Disks as Candidate Disks
  • Oracle 11g Grid Infrastructure Installation
  • Basic/Advanced Grid Infrastructure Install (without GNS and IPMI)…
  • Grid Infrastructure Home Patching
  • RDBMS Software Install
  • Run ASMCA to create diskgroups
  • Oracle 11g R2 RAC Database Software Installation

  • Installing The Oracle Database Software
  • Creating A Cluster Database
  • Post database Creation Tasks
  • Administering Oracle Clusterware

  • Managing Clusterware with Enterprise Manager
  • Determining the Location of the Oracle Clusterware Configuration Files
  • Backing Up and Recovering the Voting Disk
  • Adding, Deleting, or Migrating Voting Disks
  • Locating the OCR Automatic Backups
  • Oracle Local Registry
  • Migrating OCR Locations to ASM
  • Managing Network Settings
  • Managing Oracle Clusterware
  • Administering ASM Instances

  • ASM Initialization Parameters
  • Adjusting ASM Instance Parameters in SPFILEs
  • Starting and Stopping ASM Instances Using srvctl
  • Starting and Stopping ASM Instances Using ASMCA and ASMCMD
  • Starting and Stopping ASM Instances Containing Cluster Files
  • Starting and Stopping the ASM Listener
  • Administering ASM Disk Groups
  • Creating and Deleting ASM Disk Groups
  • ASM Disk Group Attributes
  • ASM Disk Group Maintenance Tasks
  • Viewing ASM Disk Statistics
  • Prerequisite Steps for Extending a Cluster

  • Using to add a Node to a Cluster
  • Rolling Patches and Rolling Upgrades
  • Installing a Patchset with the OUI Utility
  • Installing a Patch With The opatch Utility
  • Cluster Node Management

  • Add/Deleting the instance
  • Add the Node
  • Remove the Node
  • Single-Instance Conversion Using rconfig
  • Single-Instance Conversion Using DBCA
  • Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware

  • Oracle Clusterware Log Files
  • Gathering Log Files Using
  • Component-level Debugging
  • RAC-Specific Wait Events, Global Enqueues, and System Statistic
  • Implementing the Most Common RAC Tuning Tips
  • Using the Cluster Database Performance Pages
  • Using the Automatic Workload Repository in RAC
  • Using Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor in RAC
  • Oracle Data Guard Training Syllabus


  • What Is Oracle Data Guard?
  • Oracle Data Guard Architecture
  • Types of Standby Databases
  • Types of Services
  • Benefits of Implementing Oracle Data Guard
  • Understanding the Oracle Data Guard Architecture

  • Data Guard Redo Apply Architecture
  • Data Guard SQL Apply Architecture
  • Standby Database Modes
  • Configuring Data Protection Modes

  • Maximum Protection
  • Maximum Availability
  • Maximum Performance
  • Comparisons
  • How to Set the Mode
  • Creating a Physical Standby Database by Using SQL

  • Preparing the Primary Database
  • Setting Initialization Parameters on the Primary Database
  • Backing Up the Primary Database
  • Creating a Control File for the Standby Database
  • Setting Initialization Parameters on the Standby Database
  • Setting Up the Environment to Support the Standby Database
  • Starting the Physical Standby Database
  • Performing Additional Configuration Tasks
  • Creating a Logical Standby Database by Using SQL
  • Preparing to Create a Logical Standby Database
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    • At ALCE we offer exceptional quality classes and it propels the students to get clarity in the practical knowledge. Join the Oracle Training in Chennai at ALCE and track the advancements in your knowledge towards the advancement of your career. Oracle certification is needed to try for the next level in the jobs. So, this training is suitable for the experienced without certification and for the beginners to equip themselves for procuring the certification.

    Importants of Advanced Oracle DBA Training in Chennai?

  • Having an Oracle DBA training makes you competent in a large set of skills. An Oracle DBA uses specialized software to store and organize data. The role also involves installation, capacity planning, performance monitoring, database design among various other things. This also instills the qualities of determination and immense hard work.
  • The Oracle Database Administrator certification course promises a better pay. One of the biggest concerns is the financial security that the job has to offer. An oracle DBA is a senior level manager who is responsible for the management of mission critical data, this post does account for a great deal of financial security. This is also a motivation to strive harder and do your job in new and innovative ways.
  • Credibility is one of the major factors associated with any IT job. Pursuing an authentic Oracle DBA certification will only enhance the overall repertoire of the person. This works towards improving employee productivity and also ensures consistent quality of work delivered by the DBA. The company also benefits and puts its employees above everything treating them with a lot of respect.
  • Since the IT sector deals with the latest technologies, this course offers a myriad of opportunities for advancement. DBA is also responsible for baking up systems in case of power outage and other disasters. Also, it ensures integrity of database, guaranteeing that the data stored comes from reliable sources.
  • Oracle certification course promises a series of better rewarding projects that will work towards the betterment of your skills. Being one of the best certification courses, it should always be a priority as it will help secure one of the best jobs in future. Thus, pursuing an Oracle DBA certification course will only add to the assets and promise a better future.
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